Japat japat harinama

Ragam: Thodi/Sindu bhairavi
Thalam: Adi

Arohanam:S R1 G2 M1 P D1 N2 S
Avarohanam: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S


Sindu bhairavi
Arohanam:  N2 S G2 M1 P G2 M1 D1 N2 S
Avarohanam:  S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

japat japat hari nAm manujAha

caranam 1
aparimitAm hOhara mana pAyam agama sAdhitam AmrtOpAyam

caranam 2
patitAnam api pAvana mantram shIti kaNDa nisha jIvana tantram

caranam 3
kim bahu tapasa kim bahu yAgaiha kim bahu yAshasA kim bahu bhOgaiha

caranam 4
bhaktiyuta vA bhaya tarala vA muktiparA vA bhuktiparA vA

caranam 5
snAnE pAnE shayanE gamanE dAnE gAnE dharma vidhAnE

caranam 6
Apadi sampadi cAkhila samayE shrIpati padam anucintaya hrdayE

caranam 7
janimrti rOga rasAyana bhUtam SaNmukhAkhila sanmuni gItam

caranam 8
shrI rAmAcyuta shrI ramaNEti nArAyaNa padmanAbha jayEti


Oh, Mankind! chant!, chant the glorious name of Hari.
It is the best of all; removes forever the fear of any calamity or death.  It is an easy way to assimilate the essence of Vedas and attain immortality. 
While it is the sacred prayer - Pavanamantra - to the downtrodden, it is the life-line Jivanatantra to Paramasiva
Why penance?  Why oblation?  why aspire for glory? why aspire to worldly comforts?
You can chant with devotion even when, in fear, to attain salvation or for a lively hood.
You can chat while bathing, drinking walking resting, singing, and while giving alms.
Meditate the lotus feet of Sripati in your heart while in discomfort or comfort and in all situations.
At the time of death or birth or any ailments, the chanting of Hari Nama will change the chemistry of the body & mind.  It is the maxim of the lifeline of eminent ages like Sanka and others.
Chant always the Namas like Sri Rama, Acyuta, Sri Ramana, Narayana, and Padmanabha.